Krissy Mattews

9 september 2017, om 22:00, Bluescafe Apeldoorn, Nieuwstraat 74a, Apeldoorn, €10,00

Door Agenda

De meeste kennen hem al. Maar voor diegene die wat gemist heeft, hieronder een paar recensies van zijn laatste album:

“It’s breathless and frantic with all the adrenaline pouring out in buckets through the manic opening numbers ‘All Night Long’ and ‘I’ve Been Searching’.”

Rock and Reel R2 Magazine give “Live at Freak Valley” 4 stars.
“This is a swaggering, dynamic document of a pulsating live show. The sound of the CD is huge, particularly in the snap of the drums and the howl of the lead guitar.”

Rock and Roll Traffic
“The musicianship that is on display is second to none and goes a long way in showcasing why Matthews is regarded as one the best, upcoming Blues guitarists on the scene. Packed with fantastic extended jams, this album is one for the guitarists out there.”
Ouroboros PR

“On first listening before the guitar warrior starts, I could sum up the album in a sentence – Caged raw live energy across the eleven tracks as Krissy is the comet of British blues taking us on a sexy and freaky ride.”
Blues Doodles

Tot op heden Krissy trad op in 2 continenten, en 21 verschillende landen, waaronder Engeland, Wales, Schotland, Noorwegen, Zweden, Denemarken, Italië, Polen, Nederland, Luxemburg, België, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Portugal, Spanje, Slowakije, Tsjechië, Litouwen, Letland, Zwitserland en China.
Aanvang 22:00 entree €10,- en gratis consumptie.

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