18 december 2016, om 16:00, Bluescafe, Nieuwstraat 74a, Apeldoorn

Door Agenda

Mind of the Blue was created in 2015. The five musicians came together and found out that they have an enormous musical connection. Within 4 months they already had a complete set list and were ready to perform. A couple of songs were already written by Dorien Sambros(31-08-1989). She was raised in a musical family and has been writing songs with her guitar since she was eleven but it wasn’t until she was older that she discovered she could actually sing.

She continued developing her singing and writing skills but most importantly she tried to gain confidence to get out there. Just singing and playing guitar wasn’t enough for her. She wanted a band to take her songs to their full potential. She found and brought four great musicians together. Joris Baarslag (24-05-1995), bass player. He met Dorien at school and they started making music together. He was taking bass lessons at the time to develop his skills and focussing on school.

Michiel Spanjaard (10-06-1977), drummer, is a hard working man in the IT world and a very gifted drummer. A year later he joined Joris and Dorien and the three did a couple of gigs with their former band. Unfortunately two of the band members had to leave. Well, eventually that turned out to be a good thing. Dorien started searching for new members. They had a couple of auditions and found Jeffrey Ekkel and Hessel Hoornstra. They have a good connection on a personal but most importantly a musical level.

Jeffrey Ekkel (29-07-1988), keyboard player, started playing keyboard in a band in 2002. In 2011 he joined a cover band as their guitarist. He tries to translate emotions to music. Dorien asked him to compose parts for their songs and was hugely impressed by what he had created.
Then Hessel (18-05-1989), lead guitarist, came in the picture.

He played in a cover band at the time but really wanted to be able to compose his own parts and be more creative. He already made his own music at home and wanted to do more with that. The members from the band fell in love with how Hessel played and the things he just improvised. He was immediately asked to join the band. Then it all started, they practiced and created new songs together.

All of them being they’re own person with their own style and taste. Putting those different styles and influence together they created something new. Something called Mind of the Blue. Hun eerste public performance ever on stage was in augustus 2016 in het Bluescafe. Dat sloeg in als een bom. Jan K. aarzelde niet en legde ze vast om in december terug te komen. Heb je ze gemist? Nu kun je het inhalen… On stage heeft Dorien een stem die je omver blaast, en de andere podiumbeesten van Mind of the Blue volgen haar daarbij onnavolgbaar!!!
Aanvang 16.00, toegang vrij.

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