Moe’s kitchen

23 maart 2013 - 19 maart 2013, om 22:00, Bluescafé

Door Redactie

Five musicians from Detmold started in the year 2000 to create their own distinctive style with seriousness and professionalism- Moe’s Kitchen!
The Funk Rock Band is already well established in their region and with their latest album, “Bad Taste Funk” on it’s way to become known in the rest of germany (or even international wise).
But what is Funk Rock really? Let’s dream, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown would arrange to meet with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Crossroad for jamming. How would this sound? Well, that’s what Moe’s Kitchen is all about. Known by us as modern Funk Rock-Band. The Band compose their songs in a passionate way, the way they enjoy it, with a lot of fun and joy.
Aanvang 22.00 uur entree 5,-

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